Why use he-lance or she-lance when there's me-lance.


Why use he-lance or she-lance when there’s me-lance.

For English copywriting there’s just one person that you need freelance.
And that’s me-lance.

Not only do I produce world-class, award-winning advertising copy,
(above, below, under, on, through the line with many a great line) but
I also teach English on the side, in particular English writing. All that
school essay marking (to Cambridge University standards) makes me a
grammarian speed editor.

Then there are my personalised poems and rhymes, (word rhythm’s in my
blood – see My Irish Grandmother), all of them composed with particular
people in mind, from students learning a grammar concept or a math
theorem to 2lst’s, other birthdays, valentines and weddings.

For further details (including a very long client list) please give my CV and portfolio selection more than an e-glance

Wend-e-writer. Higher standards. Lower fee-lance.


Top image by Mateusz Stachowski

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